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Who We Are

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Innovative Pension Consulting & Administration, LLC provides numerous recordkeeping services to meet your financial needs. We are the only TPA and Qualified Retirement Plan Consulting firm in Roanoke, Indiana. We are independent of any CPA firm, Law firm, Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor, and Asset Company. We are locally owned and ready to provide recordkeeping services for your retirement plan. We provide:

Our Promises To You

Innovative Pension Consulting can provide the assistance to your company in setting up a new retirement plan or can assist you in making changes to your existing plan by providing a full range of consultation and expertise.

Our independence from any particular investment company keeps you in control of what investment choices you want to offer your employees.

Innovative Pension Consulting has access to work with the top ERISA attorneys in the country through our agreements at no extra cost to you.

Innovative Pension Consulting will monitor your plan for any compliance issues and keep you up to date with the tax laws.

Our Services

Innovative Pension Consulting & Administration, LLC offers administrative services for 401(k) Profit Sharing Plans, Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Money Purchase Plans, Age-Weighted/Cross Tested Plans and Defined Benefit Plans.


Record contributions, earnings, forfeitures and rollover.


Collect employee information from either the employer or their payroll.


Prepare annual IRS Form 5500, 1099-R's, 1096, 945, review top heavy status, annual limits of IRC 415(c), salary deferral limits under 402(g), coverage requirements under IRC 410(b), and corporate deductibility limits under IRC 404(a).


Evaluate the employer's goal and objectives for retirement planning.


Calculate Profit Sharing or Matching contributions.


Tracking the elective deferrals paid to the plan.

Electronic Data Formats

Assisting in creating formats that are compatible with the employer, the Investment Company and Innovative Pension Consulting.


Determine employee eligibility for participation in the plan.


Prepare forms and notices required to be given to participants for enrollment and requesting benefits to be paid.


Assist in writing loan policies and preparation in necessary paperwork for amortization schedules, truth-in-lending statements and promissory notes.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Assist in writing procedures for domestic relations orders.


Provide non-discrimination testing and the Summary Annual Report as required by law.

Terminations and Retirements

Supply the necessary information for distributions including spousal consent and tax withholding.


Perform annually the average deferral percentage (ADP) and the average contribution percentage (ACP) tests.

Trust Account

Calculate the earnings for the plan investments and prepare a statement of assets and liabilities for the plan.


Maintain years of service based on hours or elapsed time method determined by the adoption agreement.